To all the students who have registered and are planning to register for Ewam’s upcoming retreats in April and May:

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 across the world, and rapid spread here in the United States, Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche and Namchack Khen Rinpoche have decided to postpone Yeshe Lama, Trekcho, Togal, and any retreats scheduled in the months of April and May.  Any payments already made for any of these retreats will be applied to the retreats once they are re-scheduled.  Once the situation has changed we will announce re-scheduled dates for all of the effected retreats.  We know this is an inconvenience to all, and are taking this action to ensure the safety of everyone in the Ewam community. 

Rinpoche continues to offer his heartfelt prayers to all those who have been impacted by this virus that they recover quickly, and also that all those not infected will remain healthy and safe. Rinpoche is advising his students in Asia to practice The repository of Triumph Over Disease (nejom parbu) from the Pema Traktung Cycle. For all those who have received teachings on Pema Traktung you are welcome to engage in this practice.  Rinpoche also suggests other prayers and practices such as those related to Medicine Buddha, and Prayer for Pacifying the Fear of Disease by Tangtong Gyalpo. May this darkness of epidemic be contained and vanish soon from this world! May the sun of peace and prosperity shine again whereby we can enjoy the light of Buddha Dharma.


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About Ewam

The name Ewam (‘Eh-wam’) itself brings together the two Sanskrit syllables for wisdom and compassionate methods. Actualizing the union of these two is the goal of all Buddhist practice.

Ewam International in North America and Asia, The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, is a non-profit organization under the guidance of founder and spiritual director, Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche. The Ewam Sangha members support Rinpoche’s activities and benefit from the immense merit and enrichment, taking profound teachings from Rinpoche.

Although the International seat of Ewam and its activities resides at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in the beautiful Jocko Valley in Arlee, Montana, Ewam has centers in New Mexico, California, India, Japan, Nepal, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

H.E.Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche’s primary enlightened intent in his main western seats—the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana and Ewam Pema Khandro Ling in Santa Fe, New Mexico—is to skillfully guide western students through a holistic combination of the study and practice of Buddhism.


 Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche

Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche is the founder and spiritual director of Ewam International Centers around the world. Born into one of the oldest families in Tibet, which eventually came to be known under the name Namchak, or “sky iron,” in an area called Chamdo in the Kham region of Tibet in 1952, Rinpoche was recognized in early childhood by the great rimé  lama [representing all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism], Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö [1893-1959], as well as by the former Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, to be the reincarnation of the Gochen Tulku. Gochen Tulku is an incarnation of Gyelwa Chokyang, one of the 25 heart disciples of Guru Rinpoche. 

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