Ewam Asia Centers

Ewam has many monasteries and centers throughout Asia. In Nepal and India, Ewam’s activities are broadening quickly under the umbrella of Turquiose Leaf Nunnery. The Tibetan nuns living there have a Shedra 9-year course of study in Buddhist philosophy, a 3-year retreat program, and a full education program of modern languages and subjects. The Indian center is also host to international retreats and events for both Asians and westerners. There are additionally centers in Bhutan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan that serve a variety of educational, community and practice needs.

Ewam Nepal

Ewam Sangak Purpa Ling & Kusum Khandro Ling Retreat Centers

These are two centers of practice near the Asura Cave in Pharping, Nepal. To begin with, as Rinpoche received repeated requests to return to his home region to restore the lineages and monasteries undergoing decline, he asked permission of his refuge lord Khyentse Rinpoche, master of the entire range of the teachings, but when he did so Khyentse Rinpoche directed him not to return home, but rather to found a practice center to ensure the continuity of the lifeline that is the extensive tradition of the profound Namchak teachings, to publish the texts of these excellent teachings, to commission new depictions of the deities to be used during empowerments, and to carry these projects out as well as possible. Later on, he intimated, the time would come when it would be fitting for Rinpoche to return to his home and to restore the teachings there.

Turquoise Leaf Nunnery Jetsün Ling College

To begin with, the construction of this college at Turquoise Leaf Nunnery as a new institution began in the water bird year of the seventeenth sexagenary cycle (that is, 1993). Over about two years, a new temple and its contents were constructed, providing a new residence for venerable nuns. Over many years they have well trained in the rituals uniting our traditions of the profound cycles of The Heart Drop of Longchenpa (Longchen Nyingthig) and the Namchak tradition, becoming highly proficient in the traditional methods of carrying out ritual activity. Six months out of every year the venerable nuns enter into strict retreat, upholding the tradition of spiritual development and purification through the preliminary practices.

Ewam Bhutan

Namchak Kusum Gongdü Religious Organization

Concerning this Ewam center in Bhutan, the great incarnate tertön Drodul Pegyel Lingpa, who reappeared to discover the remaining treasures of Tsasum Lingpa, regarded the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, land of medicinal plants, as his extraordinary field for guiding beings, visiting it on two occasions. During the second visit the Queen Mother Puntsok Chödrön, appointed him as the Lama of Drametse, the great monastic seat of Pema Lingpa’s lineage. He took up this responsibility and served in this capacity for some thirteen years. During this time he constructed a new temple at Gongtung in Tashigang. As well, he visited many areas such as Paro, Thimphu, Bumthang, Mongar, and Kurtoed, and wherever it was appropriate he constructed new representations of enlightened form, speech, and mind—such as monastic centers and stupas—and restored old ones.

Ewam India

Nupchen Namchak Monastery

Nupchen Namchak Monsatery is the primary monastic seat for all Evam Namchak centers of the Early Translation School. On the twenty-eighth day of the second month in an earth rat year from the sexagenary cycle (corresponding to the year 2008), work on the monastery’s foundation began with the rituals to appropriate the site, including the burial of a treasure vase and other articles. Nowadays the entire structure and its contents are complete, constructed in the following elegant array.

Outwardly, the shape of the monastery is the complete layout of an immeasurable mansion, with four walls and four gateways with covered porches. In the corners of the courtyard are eight stupas of enlightenment. The monastery is completely surrounded by replica of a ring of fire and a palisade of vajras. On the ground floor are a dining hall and a kitchen for general sangha which are called the “Vast Peace Pavilion.” Above the ground floor rises the great temple of Orgyen Dhumatala, in the center of which is the primary support, a 38-foot statue of the master of the teachings—the Teacher, the perfect Buddha—surrounded by the seven successive generations of buddhas. To his right and left, respectively, are nine-foot-high statues of Mañjushri (the lord of sublime wisdom) and the Lord of Secrets Vajrapani (the lord of spiritual power and might). These make up the main three figures, the central one and retinue.

Ewam Taiwan & Hong Kong

Initially, in 1994 Rinpoche appointed Namchak Dorje Loppön Chökyi Lodrö to be responsible for founding dharma practicing group. In 1999 the first center, Sang-ngag Phurba Ling, was established in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. It was legally registered accord with government regulations. Dr. Trashi has been running the administration of the centers and extensively helping the Institutes and retreat centers of Ewam Nepal.

In a similar fashion, the necessity was felt for another center in the Yonghe district of the Taiwanese capital Taipei, and so especially to fulfill the hopes and wishes of the students an application was made to the government for a new association to be registered a Buddhist organization acknowledged throughout Taiwan.

A new center, Ewam Hong Kong, was formed as part of the aforementioned associations of centers in Taiwan, with the help of the Namchak Foundation. An application was made to the government and permission was obtained to establish this center. Up to the present, this center has served as an avenue for the practice of the dharma focusing on Lama Pema Traktung, and the groups of students have proved to be dedicated practitioners. Nowadays there are numerous students who have carried out practice from the preliminaries through tsalung and Dzogchen teachings of Namchak treasure cycle.

Ewam Japan

Ewam Japan Yeshe Ling Center

Rinpoche’s students Mimi and Ronnie Colson had been coming to the United States from Japan over a long period of time, practicing the preliminaries, tsalung, Dzogchen, and other practices. In 2014, for the first time some twenty students from Japan came to the Ewam center at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas and received the vow of refuge, entering into the practice of the Buddhist path, by undertaking to develop and purify themselves through the preliminary practices. In addition, in 2015 Rinpoche was urged to visit Japan by all his students there. Over time about a hundred students have received the refuge vow and begun practicing Buddhism, undertaking the preliminaries for their development and purification. At the same time, Mimi and Ronnie both undertook the leadership to found Ewam Yeshe Ling in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. They also requested that numerous texts, such as those of preliminary practices, be translated into Japanese. In 2019 Rinpoche taught the Eight Verses on Mental Training to all the students. In particular, to about eighty students who had completed their development and purification through the five hundred thousand repetitions of the preliminary practices Rinpoche gave personal instruction on the Dzokchen text Three Statements that Strike at the Key Points (Tsiksum Nedek). He offered the refuge and bodhisattva vows to about forty students who were new to the Buddhist teachings. The entire center is flourishing, with everyone devoting themselves to their spiritual practice. Not only because this land of Japan traditionally a Buddhist country, but also because these students have great faith, devotion and respect for the teachings, I hope and pray that this center will extensively benefit teachings in future.

Ewam Vietnam


Ewam Tibet

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