Online Teachings with Namchag Khen Rinpoche Ngawang Gelek 2020

Taking Happiness and Suffering on the Path:  April 2020

Video: Part 1

Audio: Part 1

Video: Part 2

Audio: Part 2

Green Tara Teachings: May 2020

Video: Green Tara Teachings

Audio: Green Tara Teachings

Vipassana Teachings: May 2020

Video: Vipassana Teachings

Audio: Vipassana Teachings

Buddha Nature Teachings: August 2020

Video: Buddha Nature

Orgyen Khandro Norlha Prayer Teachings: September 2020

Video: Orgyen Khandro Norlha Teachings

Online Teachings with Jetsunma Jamyang Palmo 2020

August 2020– Video: Working with adversity in our current times

September 2020-Video: Dependent Origination vs Hard Determinism

October 2020-Video: How to deal with Loneliness

Online Teachings with Tulku-Sang-ngag Rinpoche 2020

September 2020: Video: Tackling Mental Challenges During the Pandemic

November 2020: Video Part 1 (November 14): The Hundred Verses of Advice of Padmapa Sangye

 Video Part 2 (November 15): Coming Soon!

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A selection of videos on Ewam and the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas.

Film by Dylan Kumar of the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

Garden of One Thousand Buddhas-August 2020

Drone Footage by Paul Christian Gordon of the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

Drone Footage  July 2020

Ewam India Buddhist Monastery in Siliguri, founded by Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche. The monastery is located at Toribari Village, Salugara which is quite nearby and behind Bengal Safari, in Siliguri.

Ewam India Buddhist Monastery, in Toribari Siliguri 2020-Ashmita Trek and Tours

The Garden of a Thousand Buddhas celebrated their founders and caretakers during the 5th annual Tibetan Culture festival.

Tibetan Cultural Festival 2018-KPAX TV

During Dateline’s travels for Sunday’s report ‘Under the Prairie Sky,’ they came across the Garden that is far off the beaten path to enlightenment.

A Postcard from the Field 2017-Dateline NBC News

Namchag Khen Rinpoche Ngawang Gelek helps us consider the role of compassion when we encounter people of other cultures.

Compassion Between Cultures 2015-TEDxTalks-Arlee

A short film about The Garden Of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana. This is an explanation and message from Ewam founder Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche.

Message from Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche-2009

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