Name Tags Fundraiser

Anyone can make a donation of $100 or more for the maintenance of the Buddha Garden and the prayer flag structure. This can serve as a dedication to revive and increase the longevity, merit, capability and life force for themselves or their friends and families, or for the purification of obscurations of ones who have passed on.

We have made enclosed cases on the right and left of the prayer flag structure in which the names of the living donors and those of the deceased will be enclosed.

Names will remain from the time they are posted until the following June, when, together with our annual Sangwa Yeshe Drupchod, supportive rituals for the living and rituals to lead the consciousnesses of the deceased will be carefully performed.

You may choose from the four tags shown above. The red is for magnetizing, yellow is for enriching, green for wrathful (subjugating), and white for pacifying the deceased.  Please write the name as a PayPal note.

Anyone interested in being a donor should donate before June 2024.

Ewam International