Internship Announcements and Open Positions at Garden of One Thousand Buddhas: 2/23/2020

Making merit while changing the world in a positive way through service. Internships with great benefits at the garden is a life changing experience. Connect with a local and international community to foster the qualities of wisdom and compassion. Strengthen the skills you have and experience opportunity’s to learn many new things. You will in addition have unique access to personal Buddhist teachings and retreats by Ewam’s esteemed teachers.  Please Apply before April 1, 2020. For More information on Paid Internships, please visit the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas. 


 All positions include room and board in the scenic Jocko mountain valley near Missoula, MT.

 All the matters in relation with management of Garden of Thousand Buddhas should be finalized in consultation with Khen Rinpoche.

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