Khen Rinpoche Welcomes Everyone to Enjoy and Visit the Garden

English Translation: Tashi Delek. I am Khenpo Ngawang Gelek and I manage this garden, The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, in Montana in the USA. Many visitors have been coming here over the years, and this year, even more are coming every day. Many people ask who built this garden because when they come here, they feel very peaceful, happy, and relaxed and want to express their thanks to the founders and the staff. So, Tulku Sangak Rinpoche is the founder of the Buddha Garden and I manage it. It is the compassionate wish of Tulku Sangak Rinpoche as well as our own wish is that our hard work could be of some help to the community and so we are pleased and comforted to see it having those results. I would like to welcome any visitors and pilgrims from all walks of life to come. The garden is free of charge so come as often as you like. Thanks to everyone for listening.

Ewam International