Online Consecrations with Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche-Lungta Structure & Ewam Peace Pavilion

April 25, 2021
9am-Noon Mountain Time (Online)
Join Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche and Namchag Khen Rinpoche for a morning of great blessings from the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas live streamed worldwide via zoom. Rinpoche will be consecrating the new prayer flag structure and Ewam Peace Pavilion. See below for schedule and additional details.
9:00am: Smoke offerings and the hanging of the new Lungta (wind horse) prayer flags creating good fortune, auspicious conditions and prosperity.
9:30am: Unveil the new display case that contains our generous sponsor's names and dedication plaques. Perform the consecration ceremony at the prayer flag structure.
10:00am-Noon: Recite the "Verses of the Noble Eight Auspicious Ones" and  the "Prayer for Bringing all Appearances and Possibilities Under Your Power" while Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche performs the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Ewam Peace Pavilion.
-We will enter the pavilion, light candles, bring Rinpoche to his throne and make offerings of tea and sweet rice.
-Rinpoche will present the workers and sponsors from these two
projects with certificates of appreciation.
-Tulku Sang-ngag will give a speech.
-Namchag Khen Rinpoche will conclude the ceremony with a personalized talk.
The Ewam Administration kindly requests the presence of all Ewam Sangha members and warmly welcomes everyone to join us for this online event.
We currently have many ways to still donate for the completion of the Ewam Peace Pavilion and sponsor Dedication/Memorial Plaques. They are available now and will be available until all are sponsored. Donation and information link below. Don't miss out.
For Prayer Texts and for fundraising information for completing the Ewam Peace Pavilion, please visit:
Ewam International