“Updates on Lungta Flags ”

The Tibetan term “Lungta” which is depicted as “ Wind Horse”, actually means  “great power, ”  and refers to bringing power or positive energy that contributes to one’s success, prosperity, good luck, fortune, fame, charisma, longevity, healing, eliminating the negative hindrances, pacifying and fulfillment of wishes. The Lungta is printed with various mantras, and prayers with the images of deities and is performed by hoisting the prayer flags and tossing up the prayer papers. This special performance is also done by engaging in smoke offering rituals, reciting Lungta prayers, and chanting mantras.

We sell several kinds of prayer flags (lungta) in our gift store and you can choose to order them online.

Lately, we have a new prayer flag available at our gift shop, designed by Tulku Sangnag Rinpoche especially to bring peace and comfort in these degenerate and adverse times.

Below are the various prices of the prayer flags if you are interested:

Large : $25

Medium : $12  

Small: $10 

New Designed Flag: $12 

We also have the Lungtas in the form of tags for several activities such as magnetizing (red), subjugating (green), pacifying (white) and enrichment (yellow) for the living and dedication tags for the deceased people. The tags cost $100 and we place these in the kiosk that is situated right in the front of the prayer flag mound. The prayer flags and lungta tags will remain on the structured pole for a whole year and will be replaced with the old ones every year during Sangwa Yeshe Drupchod in June. This year we are going to replace the new prayer flags of donors on Tuesday, June 21st , from 11 am-12 pm MDT, during the Drupchod led by Tulku Sangnag Rinpoche at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas.

Through this virtue, may we swiftly overcome this pandemic,

And all other negative consequences due to the evil actions;

Restore the peace and prosperity of this world,

And finally, may every sentient being achieve the forever-lasting peace!


The Prayer Flag Ceremony Zoom Link:

When: Jun 21, 2022 11:00 am Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Topic: Link to the Prayer Flag Ceremony

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